Our School

  • Terang College is a dual campus P-12 school, located in the rural town of Terang  (Pop. 2,100) in the Western District of Victoria. The enrolment at the College is approximately 360 students. The school is organised on two campuses with Years P-4 studentssituated at the 'Primary Campus' and Years 5-12 students situated at the 'Secondary Campus'.

  • At the 5-12 campus we have two sub schools with Years 5-8 occupying the Middle Years Precinct and Years 9-12 occupying the rest of the school. Some cross campus teaching and learning occurs. A comprehensive curriculum plan provides the school with the means of addressing key teaching and learning issues and priorities. 

  • Developed and developing policies and programs are articulated in the Whole School Plan and guide the school in its work. The Domains of learning are supported by programs designed to enrich core learning and to reflect local needs and priorities. The physical environment of the school is well developed and attractive. The Middle Years Precinct is new and Years 5 and 6 students started full time at the senior site a few years ago.

  • The College's motto TOGETHER WE GROW forms a basis for the challenge of growing as a community to develop a high qualityschool intent on growing scholastically, socially, intellectually and functionally. There is a clear understanding in the schoolcommunity that the only worthwhile success is one that brings real benefits to the students through improved outcomes.

  • The philosophy of the school identifies a community commitment to promote the unique characteristics of each campus and tocomplement and extend their attributes through a cooperative and sharing approach to education.

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