The staff at Terang College believes in the power of contemporary approaches to education, using modern and cutting-edge technology and programs to transform and enhance the way our students learn.

Having access to a personal digital learning device empowers our students to be in control of their learning for research, homework, problem solving, team projects, communicating, and to access online academic coursework. By having access to their own device, our students have anywhere, anytime access to learning. At the same time, they will be developing valuable 21st Century skills that will be beneficial throughout their lives and careers.

From 2010 to 2012 we successfully supported year 9 students to purchase their own individual netbooks. Last year we supported year 9 students to purchase an iPad which has been a great success

Due to the overwhelming success of the year 9 iPad program, Terang College Council has decided to roll out iPads to all students from year 5-10.

For the first time in education history at Terang College, every student from year 5 to 12 will have an opportunity to have their own individual device.